The Class Specimen 

I’m in the making (Read me not, I am work in progress)

There once was a young girl named T and she was just an average little girl. How she loved to celebrate her birthday but sadly her birthday always fell during the Diwali Holidays.
It so happened that one year her birthday fell on the last day of school. To her delight, she asked her dad to get her 🍬 to share with all the girls in her class and all her class teachers. But to keep a budget daddy asked her mum to step in and make the most finest candy for her daughter’s birthday.

On the day of her birthday after wrapping the 🍬  in ordinary wraps. Her mum put the pack of the most delicious home made 🍬  into her school bag, dressed her up in a lovely yellow dress with yellow bows for her two ponytails and dropped her off to school.

As soon as she entered class she was wished by everyone and because she had a pure innocent heart most of the girls loved her. She imagined everyone to complement her. But in reality, a few whispered “doesn’t she look like a SPECIMEN??!? That ridiculous color, those ridiculous ponytails with those yellow ribbons. Let’s make an EXAMPLE of her she’s such a SAMPLE!!!”

And so a faction formed, and just before class started a distraction they plotted to pretentiously say she was beautiful and hoped that vainity would take over her …. but she smiled and blushed and humbly said Thank You. Coz her heart was a pure heart.

While half of the whole of a faction distracted her, the one who plotted to make her a joke dug into her bag to check for 🍬 and what do you know, a pop of one and she loved them much, enough to steal the whole.

After the morning assembly they all sat down like obedient Convent girls. Her class Teacher called her to the front of the class knowing it was her birthday, fondly called her ‘Ma Miss Yellow Ridding-hood we wish you a happy birthday!’, while all joined in to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the birthday girl.

Soon after she rushed to her school bag to take the pack of homemade 🍬  to share with her mates, but where were they ? Missing ! In a moment of frantic search and absolute embarrassment for now not being able to keep to her promise of giving the few she had promised an extra 🍬 , the same girl who in fact stole her 🍬 . To those that pretended to want those 🍬 but only wanted to make her an EXAMPLE she still had her head down while she hoped to find the lost 🍬 pack maybe, hopefully, at the bottom of her school bag. Her teacher came to her, started to search too, and concluded that she must have left them home.

And to the one who thought this genius plan, laughed silently to remember with the others of how heroic they were to steal from a poor soul.

‘Sorry’ said T humbly ‘I have no sweets today’ and yes it took a lot of courage and while the class roared with an awwww of disappoint she made them a promise ‘but I promise you this, to bring a new batch the 1st day school reopens’.

A memory to remember forever innocence how essential it is. Intentionally picked on for you. For the rich sometimes are truly poor at ❤️

When she went back she cried and told her dad and mom ‘how could you not put the sweets in my bag ?where are they ? Do you know how embarrassing it was in school today ! To which her dad said ‘don’t worry my girl – things get misplaced and when you misplace something you search the whole world for. Mum is right beside you and she will make a new batch just for you.

And just like that a promise was fulfilled on the first day that school reopened, she shared the 🍬 to all and guess who helped her hold the bag while she handed them out ? The girl till today she values the most. A girl true to herself who doesn’t get carried away by the crowds. A girl who does not steal to become the class hero. A girl who respects another girl regardless of class creed color – LND

Coz some people are pure at heart while others are so lonely they long to be a part of a group, a part of a whole and will scout anything that gives them the attention.

It is better to Prevent them for entering your safe place in the first place

What we do is we commend men and women for their bravery (look at Greeks, Romans and even today so many EXAMPLES SAMPLES) and they become a hero we worship when in fact they should be honored. There in lies the difference of honor and worship.

Sometimes we don’t know what we need until it comes to us like a Prayer being Answered and Showing us a reflection and direction of what we already have in mind and heart ❤️ envisioned.

(CC) 2017 Tysilyn Fernandez

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