Profiling Target Market 

Pacifism Palatalization
She looks Asian, knows the smells of Indian Biryani but wears Italian

She has grey hair but looks young and calls a lady who looks old but has dyed black hair Auntyji

A pumpkin head blowing a horn
ZZ Top style looking man no beard, long white hair and mustache

Tattooed sleeves looks like aliens 👽 Pink Floyd fan Comfortably Numb may be. Wearing Levis denims

Sleeve now has his daughter’s pic.

His T says ready to defend

A Harley boy Purchased crackers and coke an odd combo ? 😮

Super T E D says

Tell ME why ever Woman should need a Superman ?

Because HE Says 👇🏽

Pic Via Pinterest

Explain to ME why you Super Love ME

Because there are 6 bums on a rugby post : 😋

Describe to ME the 6 Bums

What When Why Where Which Who and How 👇🏽

Composition not Comprehension : Waste Management 

A Hook for the Catchers 

Gap Analysis : Learning Curve Network Questioning Techniques the art of asking effective questions

Pic Via :

How to Multiply Fish

She listens to some good old music and feels in love with the warm afternoon air blowing through her window as she tries to sleep…I love the beginnin of summer

Visuals to Visualize 

Custom Made Build Her (Your Rugrat) a Harley Bicycle Chopper 🚴

Pic By EBay
Pic by

AMS Masaood Only in concept until Agreed By US

Sam & Krups a lead for you coz some people have it !

Code Name : Cojones ! 😊❤

See Also :

(CC) 2017 Tysilyn Fernandez


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