Quanto Basta

Here’s a Question What Ethnicity can’t tell

Categorized Asian by Looks

Categorized Color by Gender

Pink not Blue
Yes Pink smells biryani, then if Pink smells it, Pink must be Indian

We interchange Smells and Looks Genders and Color

Who Deserves to Stay and Who should be stroked off the Book When you’re Balancing the Books.

Recede Your Views

From looking at initials beside a number on a budget forecast to seeing HUMANS when looking at Human Resources

Recommendations are better than Orders

We imagine that when we have wealth we will be proud of our accomplishments and so we Aum for Pride through Monetary Gain and to be Famous because of our Wealth

The essence of knowing and making decisions based on what is Critical and Crucial

The essence of knowing Luxuries and Essentials

I’m Auming on Peace

And so, Thank you for watching over me ❤

Recommendations say :

Two are ahead of the third. Pink is slow they are fast. They work on their own time.
Pink is still single.

The first got pregnant and waited 10 years before getting a divorce. The other waited a year after having a baby and then got married.

One dated at the age of 23, yet waited 5 years before marriage; and there is the another who dated at 34 and married immediately !

One trireme became CEO at 25 and passed away at 50 while another became a CEO at 50 and lived to 90.

Everyone works based on their ‘Time’,

People can have things worked out only according to their pace.

Work in your “time”.

Your Colleagues, friends, younger ones might “seem” to be ahead of you.

Some might “seem” behind you.

Everyone in this world runs their own race in their own lane on their own time. God has a different plan for everybody.

Time is the difference.

Blue retired at 55, Pink needs a job even at 70 to support self.

Don’t envy or mock them,

Their Time is not Your Time!

All things shall work together for your good.
3 on the dot as I stepped in Time for an interview on time. Fingers and toes crossed. You can not be early nor can you be late, you have to be On Time to pass The Gate to the Golden Bride.

Hold on, be strong, and stay true to yourself.

Stay blessed.

You Are In Your Time….🌐

Tweaked to Cure Joy

Gherao, meaning “encirclement,” is a word originally from Hindi/Bengali/Marathi. It denotes a tactic used by labour activists and union leaders in India, it is similar to picketing. Usually, a group of people would surround a politician or a government building until their demands are met, or answers given.

The Power of Unions

An employee named Joshua was scared to ask for leave as his father was on critical stage ‘Life Support’ and called for him on his death bed.

He knew he would point blank be refused leave and rightly so when he mustered courage and asked the Divisional Head for leave, he was flat denied the leave !

“No excuses Joshua – what is more important your job to support your dad on the hospital bed or your already dying father? Go back and Do Your Work!” Deeply depressed Joshua headed back to his seat 💺 and started to weep ! Praying to God, ‘if you can hear me God – please HELP ME am I not of flesh and blood?’

At that very moment a Union Leader passed by and asked Joshua. ‘Brother what happened ? Why are you crying ? Is there anything I can do ?’

Sobbing through his tears Joshua said ‘My dad is dying, he is in the hospital’ Touched, the man asked can I help with money for his expenses ? ‘Thank you Thaler but it’s not the money – we have a medical insurance that I had taken out for him, but, it’s that I can not be with him on these final days. He spent his whole life caring for me to reach where I am today and I can’t be there when he needs me the most on his 3rd stage of cancer. He is in critical condition.’

Asked Thaler, ‘why can’t you be with him? I don’t understand’

Said Joshua, ‘I have 1 choice either I leave and be with my dad and lose my job or I stay here and pray for him. I have chosen the latter so that we as a family can survive.’

‘Why’ said Thalia ‘do you have 1 choice ? Have you asked your DM for leave ?’ Yes and I was told to decide if I need my job or need to be beside my dying father, and that whichever is important should support my decision. I was told ‘Go back and Work! I can’t lose my job because Thalia am the only one supporting our family and am hurt that I can’t be with my dad’.

Thalia met with the DM and was given the same response as to making a decision on whether Joshua wants to keep a job or be with his dying father.

He was very upset and decided to help Joshua.

Gathering the Union leaders together and all the employees to support the cause to Gherao the DM. They stood outside the DMs office banging on desks shouting ‘JUSTICE FOR ALL!’ When the DM came out to ask why the ruckus, he was told and aligned to ‘Go Back Inside and Work’ this continued for hours till the DM came outside again, he was hushed and when he asked if he could use the wash room to Pee, they handed him a dustbin and said ‘Go back inside and Work!’

It was then that the DM realized the difference between CRUTIAL CRITICAL ESSENTIALS AND LUXURIES.

A letter had to be signed to that extent on POLICY for EMERGENCIES

A reminder that one works but to support ones family

And that decisions taken affect not just one but a family.To understand the difference between  Crutial Critical Luxuries and Essentials and to answer the Question of Ethnicity.


People become what they do because their basics are not met.

What We Do Is Who We Are – OPPO

Be Present – Huawei

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