Ebb and Flow 

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Fly in the Ointment.

An English idiomatic expression for a drawback, especially one that was not at first apparent, e.g.

We had a cookstove, beans, and plates; the fly in the ointment was the lack of a can opener.

The likely source is a phrase in the King James Bible:

Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour. (Ecclesiastes 10:1)

For five centuries, ‘a fly in the ointment’ has meant a small defect that spoils something valuable or is a source of annoyance. The modern version thus suggests that something unpleasant may come or has come to light in a proposition or condition that is almost too pleasing; that there is something wrong hidden, unexpected somewhere.

French proverb Via Fjfle
On attrape pas les mouches avec le vinaigre.


We do not catch flies with vinegar.

Significance: Somethings are more easily obtained by gentleness.

French Proverb Via Linternaute

Peu à peu, la laine se transforme en tapis.


Little by little, the wool becomes a carpet.

Significance: It is with patience that one achieves one’s objectives.

When you try to shoo a fly away from the front it will fly further in. You’d have better luck if you chased it from behind, because it knows there’s no turning back.

Significance: Key 🔑 to Finding Ways

Alex Pattakos on Everybody Say ‘OPA!’  Explains that the notion of the ‘good life’ can be viewed as the human quest for meaning, a formidable challenge that involves both making a living and making a life that really matters, that has significance…

…to build resilience, foster engagement, manage life transitions, enjoy life to the fullest — in your personal life and in your work.

Further explaining that from its ancient roots, the Greek word “OPA!” can be viewed as two sides of the same coin: One side (ΌΠΑ) refers to the uplifting, inspiring, enthusiastic expression that is often heard during some kind of celebration (a manifestation of “kefi” or spirit). The other (ΏΠΑ) refers very seriously to the human need to remain alert, warn ourselves and others, look out for any possible “danger” in one’s path, and be more awake to life’s potential, unlimited opportunities. Like the holistic concept of the yin and yang in Chinese philosophy, both sides of the Greek concept of OPA! are interdependent and are needed to achieve our highest potential.

This acronym, provides a useful “mantra” for living and working with meaning for everyone. In brief, the letter “O” refers to the basic human need to “connect meaningfully with others.” The letter “P” refers to the basic human need to “engage with deeper purpose.” And the letter “A” refers to the basic human need to “embrace life (all of life) with attitude.”

Others, Purpose, Attitude! O, P, A! “OPA!”

Says the T

I say old chap

Is it not the same as breaking the glass and shouting “Mazel Tov.”?

Talking about useful “mantras” let’s not forget “This too shall pass

To put a name into context Sulaymaniyah in history reveals Tughra just like the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids, The Roman Sandals that marched are like the Dancing Girl of Mohenjo Dharo that make sound like the Ghungroo of the Kathak. The question is, is that is there evidence in ancient civilizations of the ebb and flow of how like the wave there is rise and fall? Incredible how everything is right in front of us and we still don’t see it.

You say “The toxic fallout and collateral damage that come from people not finding meaning in their lives, including in their work lives, can be and usually are significant: decreases in engagement and resilience, suffering in health and well-being, and stifling of performance and innovation”…

True but look at it as Collateral Beauty, like the movie that personifies Death Time and Love.
The wound is the place where the light enters you – Rumi

Trophies used like paper weights

Medals hidden under dust valueless like death that takes spirit away a lifeless body lay

And so Aniska thought, maybe the loss was a win for her life

The man who assassinated one was murdered and he was found guilty of murder by a legislation who sentenced him to death. A second trial was given where he became ill in cell and died of lung cancer

What is worse ? To have a mother lose a child that she hasn’t seen but has felt in her womb, or to have felt her child for 9 months and lost her 2 days after her birth. What is worse ?

To have your child pass away shortly after her 23rd birthday ?

He died 3 months after the death of his son who died 2 days after his premature birth.

His father was assassinated three days before his third birthday. The day he celebrated his life was the day his father was mourned and buried.

A marriage deal not a proposal to some

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill: Says “An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding; and it is not to be found in foreign lands, but in the heart itself.”

Sara waited till old age to give birth to her son

What is time ?

“Time is a series of “now moments” that you string together to call time. What you perceive to be your future is based upon an agreed upon set of circumstances that are occurring in your now moment, that you will assign a value in the next now moment as your past.
The real purpose of “time” is to give us a time lag or buffer zone or space between what we intend, think about and pulse out, and what gets reflected back, manifested or experienced by us in the physical world.

And as you may have noticed, the time lag is getting shorter or compressed, as we increase in frequency. She said if you think the days seem shorter, you’re right.” Wendy Kennedy

What is linear vs. nonlinear time?

Tom Minderle says “Humans think we can’t change the past or visit it, because we live according to linear time.

He said nonlinear time works like this: “Imagine if you could slow down time. Or time travel to the past. Or position yourself above the line and view the past, present, and future simultaneously.” He explained:

* It isn’t just one line, but a whole web of lines, all interconnected and branching with different pasts leading to different presents and different futures.

* You can choose which alternate present to enter into. The future and past are not different than the left and right end of a table, which exist simultaneously. But whichever end you look at is the end you see.

“True time moves forward not with the tick of a clock but with the making of a choice. Until a choice is taken, the future is not determined.”

How do we explain the “illusion” of time?

What we perceive as “time” is really a series of now moments or event points that are stringed together. They are like the still frames of a film strip (below) that create the illusion of motion or time going forwards (future) or backwards (past).

All those still frames exist simultaneously, just like your so-called past lives, current and future lives do in what is called event space.

As Kennedy explained, our current reality is based on which frame (or now moment) you choose to focus your intention on. That’s why time only exists as a marker or coding for an event, so that it may be archived into libraries or Akashic records.

You choose which now moment you put yourself on. Each now moment or event point has a particular set of circumstances for the collective, which you are using as a reflection for yourself to experience, learn and evolve from.

Montalk said: “True time moves forward not with the tick of a clock but the making of a choice. That which is inevitable has already happened. So looking backwards, the world is deterministic. However, looking forwards, the future is probabilistic.”

When multiple individuals interact, they weave a more complicated web. Based on the combined strength of their freewill at various choice points, the collective creates an agreed upon set of circumstances, which define the collective reality that matches the individual’s reality in certain parts.

Typically, you will choose another now moment that is very similar in frequency and content to the last one you chose in order to maintain the illusion of continuity of the game.

“When you change the now, you can change the future, although the future is not determined until a particular choice is taken.” – Wendy Kennedy

Who is really in charge?

According to Kennedy, YOU are in the driver’s seat. You have the power and free will to choose which events and circumstances you wish to experience individually and collectively.

* You co-create with others all the time. You are not a victim of the circumstances, so don’t blame others, like your parents, the collective that is asleep, the government, power elite, etc.

* If you’re there with them, there is some part of you (at a higher level) that has chosen to experience that particular timeline (event space).

* That means you have something to gain from that situation or you have something to give to others in that collective experience.

You need to pay attention to what is there for you to give and receive, so that you won’t need the “big drama” to have the awareness of why you’re there.

The other point to remember is the incredible power of your intention. If you intend it, think it, and act on it, it will be your reality, because you make it so.

* Remember that you choose what you focus your energies on.

* If you choose to focus your thoughts, words or actions in fear mongering scenarios, such as Planet X, pole shift, grid breakdown, FEMA camps, martial law, financial system collapse or whatever, then you will experience those events in some form.

It is not about denial of the existence of such things in the world, it’s about your choice to be within those event spaces or not.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Who is Wendy Kennedy Higher Frequencies say she is an intuitive, empath and channel

If we can accept defects in Childbirth

Why can’t we accept 🏳️‍🌈 ?

If we can accept things as they are without research on the bad effects of food they can cause in pregnancy why can’t we accept abortion ?

If stress is what can cause a miscarriage which could be due to loss of jobs or instability of income then why make such a who ha about contraceptives? 

Truth be told tenses change when imaging a truth vs the truth actually being spoken. Days change months change, time changes, because we are lying 🤥 to ourselves to change the future.

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