Goals and Targets – Planning and Forecasting


an idea or feeling which a word invokes for a person in addition to its literal or primary meaning.


“the word ‘discipline’ has unhappy connotations of punishment and repression”


the abstract meaning of a term, which forms a principle determining which objects or concepts it applies to.


the literal or primary meaning of a word, in contrast to the feelings or ideas that the word suggests.

the action of indicating or referring to something by means of a word, symbol, etc.


the object or concept to which a term refers, or the set of objects of which a predicate is true.

  • Goals and Targets
  • Planning and Forecasting

Pic Via Analyze 10K

ICMA – Analytics the essence of Reporting / Report Making and Maintaining Reports is to Drive Improvements. Are we using what we have effectively to make key decisions?

Having Contingency Plans

(CC) 2017 Tysilyn Fernandez

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