The Perfect Seal 

Hiram Codd was an English engineer. He patented a bottle filled under gas pressure which pushed a marble against a rubber washer in the neck, creating a perfect seal.

A Codd bottle is a type of bottle used for carbonated drinks. It has a unique closing design based on a glass marble which is held against a rubber seal, which sits within a recess in the lip.

The Codd design is still used for the Japanese soft drink Ramune and in the Indian drink called Banta.

Banta is available in a Codd-neck bottle, a heavy glass bottle whose mouth is sealed by a round marble (instead of a cap) thanks to the pressure of the carbonated contents. The distinctive bottle has led to the drink also being called goli soda in South India.

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A load of codswallop

codswallop (uncountable)

(Britain, slang) Senseless talk or writing; nonsense; rubbish.

Today a major Codd-neck bottle manufacturer in India is Khandelwal Glass Works (since 1981) at Sasni, Uttar Pradesh, after Mahalakshmi Glass Works in Hyderabad closed down a few years ago. Before the re-entry of popular soft drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola in 1993, the sale of Banta reached its peak in the early 1990s, selling 100,000 bags per annum, with each a bag containing 75 bottles each. By 2010 however the sales had dropped by nearly half, especially after reports of consumers experiencing nausea after consumption due to unsanitary conditions during production of the beverage.
The essence of Health and Safety

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What’s in a bottle ?

A Unique Experience 😋


img_3179Dukes soda

Rum Aur Masaledar Cola


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Success starts Locally ♥️

A Traveller’s Observation Diary :

The eyes are not to spy on the ones doing wrong but rather where one can make themselves some money

Clean your garbage and don’t detain her to a check because she looks of a certain class

Thank You for checking up 👩🏽‍⚕️on her health ♥️😘

Prakash’s ‘Red Book of Objectives’ on Waste Management of what is expected of him to reach the next level up is discussed over chai cutting.

Escalations Next level Up Open Door Policy

Prakash doesn’t have cleaning tools. His Mop is so dirty, all his efforts go in vein. So he fixes a plan to get new mops every x to maintain the required standards.

Follow Ups

Prakash needs to sweep the Garden 2 Times a day and it should be done before 7:00 AM and after 2:00 PM. Additionally, the toilet needs to be checked every 15 mins to ensure hygiene is maintained consistently throughout the day.

Spot Checks will be made to check if Standards are maintained.

Prakash asked his Manager for tools (Mops) every x day but this was not provided. He Reminds first through mail then follows up with a call and if still no response, follows up by email keeping stock holder in the loop so we save time on delivery. Whatever be the case resolution is required in order to close case (follow up) if no resolution then this should be highlighted Why When Where What Which Who and How it failed. See More on Follow Up Emails and See here for Understanding Me Vs We

STEPS FOR FOLLOW UP WITH SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) :

1) ➡️ Email (within 12 to 24 hours)

2) ➡️ Call (within 2 – 4 hours)

3) ➡️ Email Summarizing Resolution (Within the hour)

Standard Creation 

From The Ashley Book of Knots

The difference between the slip knot and overhand knot is in the treatment of the end. In the former the end is doubled before it is finally tucked. To untie, all that is required is a smart pull on the end of the rope, which withdraws the loop and causes the knot to spill instantly. A slip knot may be tied in the bight as readily as in the end, but the load must be on the standing part of the knot only. It is used wherever the necessity to cast off suddenly may arise.

The slip knot is formed by first creating a loop in the shape of a “p”. Place a hand or hook through the loop hole and grab a bight on the working end. Draw this bight through the first loop. Seat the knot and pull the bight until a small loop is created.

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