Act 2 Scene 7 : 2/3

Grandma used to say Sin was a Sumerian god. His wife was a Great Lady, who bore him a Sun and a Goddess Venus. The casuist might conclude that a person is wrong to lie in legal testimony under oath, but one might argue that lying is the best moral choice if the lie saves a life. Casuistry reasoning … Continue reading Act 2 Scene 7 : 2/3



Pic By BoingBoing  Original Pic Via; Women Working Transcript : Working Women say : Sometimes your knight in shining armor turns out to be an idiot wrapped in tin foil. Says the T : Yes, Agree, a DNA SNACCIDENT waiting to happen 🍫🍕❤️😋 See Also : Patent Royalties (CC) 2017 Tysilyn Fernandez

How to Measure a Moron from an Oxymoron 

A word that reminds you of the past / present the Past Lima and Present Limos Signal flag "Lima" also called the "Yellow Jack" when flown in harbor now means ship is under quarantine. "I'm gonna tell you this one from my point of view so you can put yourself in there. So the story goes:The guy falls … Continue reading How to Measure a Moron from an Oxymoron