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Legal Notice :Code of Conduct and Ethics Agreement

Disclosure of Efforts to Prohibit Data Copy & Protection from our Direct Partners

TYSILYNSBLOG requires that our business partners agree to the principles contained in TYSILYNSBLOG’s Code of Conduct & Ethics, agree to provide reasonable access to records, employees and premises if required by TYSILYNSBLOG or any of our customers in order to verify compliance. All partners agree to operate their business with the utmost integrity and in accordance with generally accepted manufacturing, vendor, agency or distributor & service provider standards and agree to institute action steps to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. When possible, TYSILYNSBLOG sends an annual notification of this requirement to all our partners.

Our Partners that are directly sourced by the TYSILYNSBLOG Global Sourcing Office are required to comply with the applicable Partner Agreements and the policies included in our Import Export Partner Manual. By signing the manual Acknowledgement, Partners are agreeing to the policies contained within the manual. These Partners certify that the products they provide comply with the laws prohibiting data copy in the country or countries in which they are doing business.

Our company has a comprehensive process for visiting and auditing potential suppliers that consists of, factory visits, to observe and assess conditions while ensuring the quality of the products which TYSILYNSBLOG considers for purchase. Audits, formal, informal and/or unannounced visits are conducted to identify potential risk factors of the suppliers. Audits are conducted to evaluate compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct requirements as well as applicable labor laws and regulations.
Documentation of supplier compliance is reviewed during on-site visits. If a nonconformance is found, we have a corrective actions process to resolve the nonconformance. If non-conformances persist, our company ceases to do business with the supplier. Our supply chain management has received training on mitigating risks of Data Copy & Protection within our Partner chain of Network.

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