I Remember You

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Paul Varjak describing Holly Golightly • from the Movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), directed by Blake Edwards • based on the novella by Truman Capote

Exchange a Huckleberry (A Deep Blue Something) for a Hafta at some selected venues.


Pay with a cucumber at these 35 venues on May 17 ’17:

Reflection : is seeing yourself being mirrored in the other and reflecting what is not expected

Mirroring : is you reflecting the other’s point of expression

Said the 🦃 to the 🐮 :

They value animals more than humans

And are more calculating towards humans than towards animals

Can we call Haftas illegal or legal royalties ?

Huckleberries hold a place in archaic American English slang. The tiny size of the berries led to their use as a way of referring to something small, often affectionately as in the lyrics of Moon River. The phrase “a huckleberry over my persimmon” was used to mean “a bit beyond my abilities”. “I’m your huckleberry” is a way of saying that one is just the right person for a given job or also referring to significant persons or nice persons.

Hafta : is the Persian word for week and is also used as a loanword in Hindi, Urdu and Turkish languages. A week has seven days, and is possible that it could be from Hepta, for seven.

It is also slang for the protection money collected periodically by gangsters and corrupt policemen. In case of policemen, however even bribes paid are often quoted as giving hafta. This meaning seems to have gained its popularity because of its usage as part of Bombay Hindi. It is named so because the most common collection period is one week. The practice is highly prevalent in India and a refusal to pay up has its consequences.

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