Inception & Culmination 

From French comme ci, comme ça (literally “like this, like that”), meaning “so so”, not really good nor bad.

NAME : Unknown

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“A death in the womb is better than a birth of painful incurable disease uncontrollable in the outside world” – T

Time Out Chair : The Wrong Direction 

The Gaylords Sing

From the vine came the grape

From the grape came the wine

From the wine came a dream to a lover

He was back with Marie on the Isle of Capri

With a million stars shining above her

Once again they romanced as the kissed and they danced

And even heard wedding bells chime”

There is no wine 🍷 if grapes 🍇 are not pressed

No perfume if flowers are not crushed

Do not let yourself be pressed or crushed under pressure ❤️

A MISTAKE which makes you HUMBLE is much better than an ACHIEVEMENT that makes you ARROGANT

A Double Entendre : A double-entendre is a phrase or figure of speech that could have two meanings or that could be understood in two different ways.
Learn from Yesterday

Live for Today

Hope for Tomorrow

Make a Wonderful Day

Sip a Cola 😎 a Pakola

Manufacturer : Mehran Bottlers & Gul Bottlers 

Distributor : Ghazi Company B.V. in the Netherlands and Europe.

The Pakola brand name is owned by Teli family. In 2007, the Teli family sold its rights to the Leghari family. Today the Leghari family who previously owned Sukkur Pepsi, own the rights to Pakola brand nationwide with the exception of Karachi city. 

Ice cream, Soda pop, cherry on top,

Who’s your best friend, let’s find out;

Goes A! B! C! T!

Ice cream soda, cherry on top

Who’s your best friend, I forgot;

Is it an A! B! C! T!

Ice cream sundae, banana split

[Brad’s]’s got a best friend,

Who is it?

A! B! C! T!

Ice cream soda, Delaware Punch,

Tell me the name of my honey-bunch.

A, B, C, T!!

Valentina says she loves the idea, these are Ballerinas for extensive training not dancing but look here at Contemporary dance and at Slip.

“I ❤️ the satin soft dancing shoes that are chosen to harmonize with my costume, of course with consideration for safety and injury avoidance, the footwear should blend with the outfit so it will not draw attention to the feet. There’s a market waiting to be captured as Contemporary dance borrows from various styles of dance.

Idiom : 

Put yourself in my shoes : Think what it is like to be me. See how it feels when you put yourself in smoeone’s place.

Meaning : Feel Empathetic Toward

Form the Movie : A Cure for Wellness

We can ignore the Truth that has been 

It can not be darkness …

Or be blind when the gift of sight has had …

Equal to that cannot be reversed have been born

We are only species with the toxins of doubt in our genetic code”


“You cannot ignore the truth that has been 
You cannot ignore the truth that has been

You cannot go back to the dark …

Or go blind when you have had the gift of sight …

Like you cannot reverse being born”

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(CC) 2017 Tysilyn Fernandez

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