That Which is Spoken

Threshold is a point of entry or beginning. The maximum level of radiation or a concentration of a substance considered to be acceptable or safe. It is the level, rate, or amount at which, something comes into effect or one starts to feel or react to something.

paean is a song, creative work or triumph expressing enthusiastic praise.

Cherish the Strength of the Pitch

Perish the Thought of the Bitch

It is better to imagine the worst and plan

And to

Assume the best and move forward positively

The Host is the redeemer, as the Guardian Redeemer fails to spread the corner of his garment over her, to cover her naked body, or shall we say, one becomes worthy by not cutting corners.

Inception & Culmination (Contemporary : Modern, of the Present Age)



Look at the following sentences. Speak them out loud and especially stress the word that is in bold writing. Then think about how the meaning of the utterance changes.

Whose mother was Tamar


Whose mother was Rahab

Whose mother was Ruth

And whose Grandmother was Naomi

Whose mother had been Uriah’s wife

Whose mother was Jesus ?


The difference between (noun) Content and (verb) content

Not all syllables are equal!

If there is more than one syllable in the word, then there will be one syllable that is stronger, clearer and bolder than the others. The pronunciation of that syllable is clearer.


Question : How many syllables in the compound word (words with two parts) grandmother?

Answer : 3 syllables

Divide grandmother into syllables:   grand-moth-er
Stressed syllable in grandmother:   grand

See More on Word Endings : ic – sion – tion & cy, -ty, -phy – gy – gy

Rhythm (Jade explains the Queen’s English) is about how we use a combination of stressed and unstressed words in sentences. Sentences have strong beats (the stressed words) and weak beats (the unstressed words). Intonation(Ashley explains well) is the way the pitch of a speaker’s voice goes up or down as they speak. Stress(Emma explains) is about which sounds we emphasize in words and sentences. For example in the word ‘banana’ the stress is on the second syllable, in the word ‘orange’ the stress is on the first syllable. In sentences, we usually stress the most important, ‘content’ words.

Who was the Son of Salmon and Rahab, Husband of Ruth of Moab , Father of Obed, Brother of Elimelech . and Tob. Who was Elimelech ?

New Birth … First Fruits

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What is the Strategy Difference in the two ?

See Also Pointer on Written English :

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