How to Win Lotteries 

Lotería de Navidad

Mannequin factory

Fabrica de Maniquies
Justino is a security guard at a mannequin factory. Working on the night shift never matches his co-workers, but ironically he spends his nights surrounded by human figures. Their loneliness and their desire to share lead them first to interact with the mannequins themselves, and later to communicate through them with their colleagues on the morning shift. In his eagerness to do things for others, Justino will eventually forget himself but fate will want his companions not to forget him.

Says the T : To market yourself you have to tug on heartstrings by helping others 🍾

Sending you 7. Purple Horseshoes – power to speed up things

Al Ghurair Voto de Corazones
Extasis corazon purpura

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