Hold my Breath
Hush my Head
Count my steps
I need this more than ever
Might feel strange
But I’m not afraid
Everyday it gets a little better
Hey, I got a new way
It’s just a give and take
Make mistakes
Keep on hoping
Hoping for the day
I’ll fly high
As long as my heart is open
I know I’ll stay on my toes and
Keep on Going…

My heart is open
I know I’ll stay on my toes and
Keep on Going

Abby Diamond, Kyle Patrick



For Example :

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet.
What we call things is always packed with meaning.

Connotation makes you (them) feel pride

Denotation tells people a direction of where you (they) are going & from where you (they) read or heard it


“Filomena GOES where Scarlett Forecasts Follow ME”


Children with cancer and limb differences are virtually invisible in the kid’s media. Teaming up with Scarlett Contra El Cancer, Studio NYC sought to create a meaningful, moving and identifiable story for these children that could offer a role model.

Scarlett is a short film depicting the inner struggle of a girl who lost a leg to Ewing Sarcoma, a bone cancer that occurs in mostly children. Amputation takes as much of an emotional toll as a physical one – especially for a child.

Believing in the power to empower children through storytelling and role models. Offering them hope and a sense of belonging at a critical time where they may feel isolated by their medical condition.

A short film based on a true story that inspired a foundation.

You can make a difference for the better in the lives of children with cancer. 

Donate to Scarlett Contrael Cancer


On social media, the outpouring from the communities around childhood cancers and limb loss was remarkable. Within the first year of its release, Scarlett had over 10,000,000 views worldwide.

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