June MAN and Cat 

To Unthinkable Thoughts – to explain that dreams reveal the thoughts of a man’s heart, the product of reason rather than the absence of it.

They do not show a man a palm tree of gold, nor an elephant going through the eye of a needle.

The Holy One said, open for me a door as big as a needle’s eye and I will open for you a door through which may enter tents and camels.

I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?” HE looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

To those who reject Our signs and treat them with arrogance, no opening will there be of the gates of heaven, nor will they enter the garden, until the camel or cable can pass through the eye of the needle: Such is Our reward for those in sin.

SPECIMEN of Kashf al Mahjub the Oldest Persian Treatise on Sufiism

Life Positive asks Who is the Master?

Version 1.3

Should the Version be Compatible with Master or the Master be Compatible with the Version? Which one becomes redundant or shall we say, obsolete ? 

Once, June was walking through the market place with her disciples. They saw a girl playing with a Persian cat 🐱 by a rope and a soft mouse made toy attached to it.

June told her to wait and turning to the disciples said, “I am going to teach you something.”

“Tell me, do you think the cat realizes it’s not a mouse at the end of the stick? Is the cat bound to thinking it is a mouse or bound to the jiggle of the toy?

“Of course the cat is bound to the mouse on the string. Cats love mice!”, said Junaid. She then strung together pieces of wool and tied them together into a ball and attached it to a string jiggling it. At once the cat started to play with the woolen string like ball.

They were all astonished … “oooh 😲 what !!! Wooh !! ”

“Shhh … wait and see … I’ll explain once you understand and learn further”, said June

As the girl brought the cat’s food; the cat ate it all and started to follow her wherever she went. One of the disciples named Saif said “The cat is the slave, the girl is the master now because she fed the animal” he continued, without hesitation “Dogs are faithful to one master no matter what, and they remember you even after a month, while a cat can be faithful to more than one master and they’ll forget you instantly. It is only because she is fed and played with by the master that she has become the master, the cat will never be faithful to her alone if she has someone else to feed and play with.”

“Isn’t that the same with dogs? The dog you play with and whom you’re referring to is Junaid’s dog ? Yes ? asked June?

“Yes!!” said Saif

“You are mistaken, the cat is much like us humans. Any time we meet someone new, we take time to adjust and become comfortable in their presence and as time goes by we get relaxed. It is the same if we’ve been distanced from a person for a long time we take time to get to a comfort relaxed level with that person.

Now watch this,” saying this, June asked the girl for the cat for a week. The first day the cat was very quiet, she fed her milk and they rested. Through the night the cat walked all over the disciples and purring over their head made all of them rest less.

Early morning, the cat woke June by nibbling at her toe, June interpreted it as her being hungry and put some tuna and fed her and played with her, she enjoyed and was all jumpy the whole day rubbing her scent on all the things in the house. The third day she treated her to some whiskas Jelly with Ocean Fish, she purred a lot, June interpreted that she was hot but by the fourth day they were playing and they synchronized their clocks to each other.

A week passed and the girl came back to pick the cat, the cat at once recognized the girl by her touch, She jumped straight from June’s bed and ran into her mother’s hands.

The girl took her home and said ‘Something’s wrong with my Best Friend, she doesn’t come to me at all’

I told you said Saif “Cats are ungrateful they forget their Master”

June said “give it 3 days”

2 days passed and 🐱 was on her Master’s lap – tucked in and snug.

“Now do you see who the master is?” said June

Then, she turned to her disciples and said, “Same is the case with our mind and hearts. We interpret things from what we see and feel, all the feelings we carry inside is not interested in us. We are interested in them; we keep it together somehow or the other or we go crazy trying to keep it together under control. The moment we lose fess in all the garbage filled in our minds and hearts, and the moment we understand and change our outlook we will feel free and relaxed with each other and enjoy the fuzzy ball from DIY yarn craft 😊 additionally you can make your own DIY catnip toy, careful though, a little of the secret ingredient goes a long way and its reaction may have different effects on various cats. Test first before you try.

😉 Who does not like to be fussed sometimes ay?. A week at the Spa 😂

Fed often and Treated well

Phrase for the Day

Water under the bridge ( water over the dam)

Referencing events in the past and consequently no longer to be regarded as important.

A quorum is the minimum number of members of a deliberative assembly necessary to conduct the business of that group. According to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, the “requirement for a quorum is protection against totally unrepresentative action in the name of the body by an unduly small number of persons.”

The term quorum is from a Middle English wording of the commission formerly issued to justices of the peace, derived from Latin quorum, “of whom”, genitive plural of qui, “who”.

The large deliberative bodies of the United Nations (the General Assembly and Economic and Social Council, as well as their subsidiary organs) generally require the attendance of one-third of the membership (currently 65 states in the General Assembly and 18 in ECOSOC) to conduct most business, but a majority of members (currently 97 states in the General Assembly and 28 states in ECOSOC) in order to take any substantive decisions. The rules of the United Nations Security Council make no provisions for quorum, but nine votes are in all cases required to pass any substantive measure, effectively meaning that a meeting with fewer than nine members in attendance is pointless.

Received a Withheld Call

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