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Secret or dishonest activity or manoeuvring.

Silly or high-spirited behaviour; mischief.

She was shocked to hear that she was accused of financial shenanigans

“Enough ! Unfair ! Change even if it means destroy ! Break ruin ! Terminate everything ! Lies ! Lies ! Lies !

Waste ! Waste ! Waste !

Who controlled the finances ?”, she asked

It was the one who didn’t need a Schengen Visa,

He who was sent back to his land soon after.

Why wasn’t there any discussion and official signing on the same as proof of the accusation ?

Facts don’t require proof to stand correct, you do not require a mirror to see the bracelet. It is said that things that are visible do not need proof for their existence.

Proofs and Facts in Retrospect in ‘Clogged drain’ a repair from 3 year ago. People will never accept their defects. So let them fall on their own account.

It’s like that movie 🎥 proofs based on divine intervention it’s magic to the world but in reality it is a science 🔬 that needs to be written there’s a learning coming from this whole experiment / experience.

That if your honest … Ibrahim, will not be honest to you, rather he will help exit you making it look like it is an ethical breach by unethically peppering along with the Head to make it look as part of a Quality Auditing issue and without any intervention or any proper documentation or discussion of the matter, he assumes he knows it all, because he is judgmental of the statement in Clogged drain of Recycling Paper.

“I Understand and Know it all now” … said Ibrahim, ‘You going to MOL will be of no help, because as per Labour Law ‘We’ can (a company) make you redundant based on our discretion, We don’t need you anymore, and they can do nothing as this is the Law of the Land … Keeping the hatred of the ‘Clogged Drain’ remark in his mind he thought …. cause you hurt my feelings by calling me ‘uneducated’ indirectly on a webpage.

But truth is she did not …. she was talking about “Recycling” The Head knew she would write about it ! The incident was instigated by him, in conversation with the Audit. She was used as a guinea pig, an experiment, a test, as the head knew how she would react and that Audit was a reader of the page, and that he would get upset at her indirect statements on the page.

“Don’t forget the Head when applying oil to your body, for one should always remember the things (favour done) in ‘TOPPRIORITY’ as one being and feeling threatened and thinking the best possible way to get by-ins from people around to execute an innocent.”

Let me test your integrity Ibrahim !

We have all the communication emails on the pen drive

Will you Deny ? or Accept ?

If you correct someone in all politeness, they retaliate and shout back at you saying you’re a fool!!If you mock and criticize someone in attempt to show how they are,  they feel insulted. will dislike you, throw tantrums and help exit you… Ask the one being corrected and criticized : who is the real fool … ? who will lose ? and who will gain ? if the answer is that ‘I am to gain’ by disregarding what is said, then, what will be the outcome if otherwise it is True?If the answer is that ‘I am to lose’ by not listening to the mocks and critics, then, what are the steps we must take to change decided future outcome to a positive one.If in both scenarios …. You say the answer is False … and it is proven to be true, what will be her future state? CHANGE : It is not Quality (Auditing) but PR that is a miss : Distinguish between Law and Public opinion.  Realization :

A QIf you like what you see do subscribe to TysilynsblogWe are also on Facebook | Twitter | InstagramThe five stages of grief : Kübler-Ross modelDenial : The first reaction is denial. In this stage individuals believe the diagnosis is somehow mistaken, and cling to a false, preferable reality.

Anger – When the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue, they become frustrated, especially at proximate individuals. Certain psychological responses of a person undergoing this phase would be: “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; “Who is to blame?”; “Why would this happen?”.

Bargaining – The third stage involves the hope that the individual can avoid a cause of grief. Usually, the negotiation for an extended life is made in exchange for a reformed lifestyle. People facing less serious trauma can bargain or seek compromise. For instance: “I’d give anything to have him back.” Or: “If only he’d come back to life, I’d promise to be a better person!”

Depression – “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I’m going to die soon, so what’s the point?”; “I miss my loved one, why go on?”ring the fourth stage, the individual despairs at the recognition of their mortality. In this state, the individual may become silent, refuse visitors and spend much of the time mournful and sullen.

Acceptance – “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it; I may as well prepare for it.”this last stage, individuals embrace mortality or inevitable future, or that of a loved one, or other tragic event. People dying may precede the survivors in this state, which typically comes with a calm, retrospective view for the individual, and a stable condition of emotions.

Advice: Black tulips are elusive. They are craved by hybridizers and admired by gardeners. They inspire supreme elegance and impose power. Black tulips are beyond belief.

Taking you to a land of mystery and elegance, black tulips symbolize power and strength. They are royal flowers that make you think of misty stories, with big castles and foggy graves. Also a symbol for farewell and are often used to honor someone who has passed away.

“A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is different. And there’s room in the garden for every flower.” – Marianne Williamson




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