Courage Vs Credibility

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Think about a conflict that has affected them recently. This could be a conflict at home, on a large or small scale such as at home, in their community or international dispute.

The conflict mentioned needs to have affected them. They are to write down on the top of their piece of paper what the conflict was, without being too specific, and how it made them feel.

There’s no need to get into specifics.

As in a game of consequences, they are two folds : The top bit of the paper over so as to cover it. On the next bit of the piece of paper, Participants are to write down what they did in the conflict situation. They are to repeat the process, folding what they just wrote to cover it. Below this they are to write how they felt and why they felt like this, fold over to cover. On the last bit of the paper they are to write down what happened in the end.

Discussion Activity (20-30 minutes):

The folded up pieces of paper are redistributed, so that each participant is given a conflict other than their own to look at.

Participants are to work in groups of six.

The leader is to work with each group and chair the discussion, allowing it to cover the
ground that participants lead it to (which may invoke different questions than those listed here) and involving all group members. In the group, each participant is to unfold the top part of the paper which says a conflict that has affected a fellow participant recently. Are there conflicts which have been written down that are similar? Are they all completely different?

They are then to unfold the second section of the paper which covers what was done in the conflict situation. Participants are to discuss, for each conflict, if they think that they would have acted the same or differently in that situation. Why would they act the same/differently?
They will then unfold the third section of the paper. Can they as a group see similarities in the feelings of the people affected by conflict situations? Why do they think this is?

Before they look at the final parts of the papers which says what happened in the end, participants are to make guesses as to what happened in the end. As a group they are to come up with a prediction for the result of each conflict situation.

They should now look at the final bit of the papers and see if they were right. How many out of the six conflicts were resolved?

Reflection (20-30 minutes):
Each participant is to think on the conflict that their piece of paper describes. They are to come up with some peaceful ways that could be used to resolve this conflict, and are to write as many ideas down onto another piece of paper.

TIP : If the conflict described is an international dispute then do participants think it can be resolved peacefully?
In their groups of six, participants are to pool all the ideas that they have come up with regarding the peaceful resolution of the conflicts.

What you need : Piece of poster paper split into three sections (conflicts at home/conflicts in the community/large scale conflicts). Place the solutions that they have come up with into the relevant sections on the poster. The poster will provide a few ways of resolving different types of conflicts, there should be lots of new ideas out there.

The posters can be displayed for use and for inspiration if they find themselves in a conflict situation in the future.

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