The Dome, The Wall, The Ceiling 

We need more Teachers like you! Better Explained a caveman / cave woman frozen in ice says spies is a group of eyes and ear listening intuitively to you ❤️🙋🏽 A scout’s Honor to find a mammoth in a hunt 😊

Visualize a dome, a wall, and a ceiling

Trig functions are percentages to the three shapes

Human biology explains human thinking. Tables have legs, organizations have heads, crime bosses have muscle. Our biology offers ready-made analogies that appear in man-made creations.

  • Sine / Cosine : The Dome
  • Tangent / Secant : The Wall
  • Remember the values are percentages
  • CoTangent / CoSecant : The Ceiling

What does the Tangent Secant describe?

What does the CoTangent and CoSecant describe?

In your problem, think: am I interested in the dome (sin/cos), the wall (tan/sec), or the ceiling (cot/csc)?

Gentrification :
ME focus on computations, not concepts. What is Sin ? What is Cosine?

WE need to conceptualise, plan and build Roads and Built Up Area as Carpet Plan Area. Are we trapped IN the dome?

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(CC) 2017 Tysilyn Fernandez

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