Prosit !

Oktoberfest visitors like having a toast before drinking, a Prosit. One of the most important Oktoberfest words, Prost , German / Latin Translation Prosit, Meaning : cheers, may it be good for you !  Alternatively Zum Wohl means, to health ! See Also : MEZCAL TOHUE TOHUE (CC) 2017 Tysilyn Fernandez

Not from the Same Family

E For EFFORT YES & E FOR EFFICIENCY ! You pay the last more because they have knowledge and information that you need so effort becomes efficient. Yes EFFORT is essential but longer doesn't ALWAYS mean they are EFFICIENT ... The workers hired at the 11th hour observed and learned new tricks of the trade … Continue reading Not from the Same Family

Act 2 Scene 7 : 3/3

...Ping... Reaching for his IPhone 8, infinite in thought, she thinks he would be on his way back from work Opening the NEATO D7 app to an already created floor plan and looking from inside, marks (no-go-areas), left door top, then tapping START to activate the BOT he see a notification, he reads 'Today is one of those days … Continue reading Act 2 Scene 7 : 3/3