A Tip Jar for Ideas

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I smuggled my hunny cause am crazy bout honey

Oops I broke the no swear rule

Being human says bring me a Swear Jar !!!

A Tip Jar will do the trick too

Because God has Angels flying around always

Share your cost of the stall

Chocoholic fans … I’ll showcase and sell your sweets for a small bag of tricks called Collaboration (You are currently Holding Stock on a Stall that has no restrictions, correct me if am wrong, on collaborating with another FoodMajor wanting to showcase chocolate)

Being human is brining out a calculator now ☺️ because we all need each other for a fete <<<<<<
ven Point = Fixed Costs/(Average ticket Price – Variable Costs)

Every additional sale after this increases profit by the amount of the unit contribution margin, which is defined as the amount each ticket contributes to covering fixed costs and increasing profits.

Unit Contribution Margin = Sales Price – Variable Costs<

It’s important to understand what your breakeven analysis is telling you. If your numbers tell you that you’ll break even after you sell 100 dishes, your next step is to decide whether this seems feasible every day.

If you don’t think you can sell 100 dishes a day, then this may not be the right menu for you. It may just not create a profit quickly enough to keep your service window open. If you think selling 100 dishes is possible but would take working 3 full shifts every day, try lowering your price and calculating a new breakeven point. You might also take a look at your costs, both fixed and variable, to identify areas where you might be able to make some cuts.

M.C promote a special discount for first 100 buns … increase your profit post 100 buns 😮 👇🏽 what’s this ??? Not those buns silly !!! 🤣 you’re crazy!!

But you can get them at the Squishy Stuff

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That’s true it all depends on how much I have!