Respice, et Prospice

Remember the past, and look to the future. As a kid, father use to tell me some lovely stories that were told to him and one of them is on the Banyan & Jack-Fruit tree and on how things are created just as they should be. I’m gonna give you this from my point of … Continue reading Respice, et Prospice

Maybe that’s Me

We truly are a very Judgmental kind - it’s probably why we don’t participate, because we feel we are auto treated like outcast - Maybe that’s our own insecurities speaking to us and that’s probably what the Poet's Jasmine tells us too ... the thin line between pushing the past and moving forward by sensing … Continue reading Maybe that’s Me

Nip it in the Bud

Original Pic Source Here Word for the Day : Nip bite or pinch sharply go quickly steal or snatch (something) a feeling of biting cold. a small quantity or sip of spirits a Japanese person AL LXVII Corroborated with supporting Modalities Three article in the English Language ART that influence Indefinite Undefined : "A" with … Continue reading Nip it in the Bud